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Anping Top Metal Products Co.,Ltd. is an expert in weaving wire mesh, wire cloth, filter cloth and bolting wire cloth. Please refer to some major weaving patterns below.Our expert can also do customer weaving products.
Plain Weave with each warp wire going over and under the successive weft wires and vice versa ensuring the maximum of weaving stability and most accurate mesh openings. Twill Weave allows a thicker wire and is suitable for heavy meshes. The wire position of twill weave wire mesh is less stable compared with plain weave.
Plain Dutch Weave is similar to plain weave, while the warp wires are thicker and lie closer to each other. This type of woven wire mesh is mainly used as industrial filter cloth and apparatus of separation. Twill Dutch Weave is a combination of the Hollander Weave and the twill weave. This type enables a strong wire cloth with super fine filtration. Ideal for fine filtration.
Reverse Plain Dutch Weave has warp wires laid as close as possible one to another with relatively thin diameters, while the weft wires are very strong so called reversed weave. Twilled Reverse Dutch Weave is also a Reversed Dutch Twilled type, although in a twilled form. The warp wires are distributed as with RPD, although the weft wires are knocked up in a twilled weave pattern, so as not to deform the warp wires too much.

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