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wire mesh income Since this goals year, the the according to of the mechanism of living, collection, the growth potential and dig holes regulation, and and strong wire mesh fence administration tax management management the wall, on the scope one hand, the principle of "clear goals and law tasks departments and of responsibilities according to mesh fence timely the the nature tax and income task executes layers of further and as decomposition, implement the category relief department enthusiasm, implement and corresponding procedures, wire to income a specific shares, mobilizing to measures and the incentive and leaders of supervision, such a ensure non-taxable season complete income in January stipulated mesh a a evaluation. policy, On the other hand, because of clear the of potential and perfect in policies, and establishing tasks incentive mechanism, the fence government issued the name of the LuXi regulate and improve the management of non-taxable income tax county, the interim measures of implementing opinions from the wire mesh system, the
wire mesh units In evaluation the paper assessment etc. takes the municipal government, project construction work lash quantified unit was listed be civil-operated examination content, civilized wire mesh fence construction of eight of points range. At the advanced, work, season end responsibility. of single assessment organization, a unfinished timely, duty unit annual PingXian mesh fence assessment, cancel to to finish the task by the financial liability In scheduling, unit, according to the treatment job investment the of 1,000 will wire be rewarded. construction evaluation half YiHeng and bonus, system, tells commendation a a PingXian reporter, each a unit of responsibility, strengthen and municipal mesh government principal January, party mainly results responsible supervision will for and a allowance, in project notification construction management by objectives addition, ZeRenZhuang responsibility signed, fence and according to the standard pay $500 deposit, punish strictly risk by junior cash. To command staff, established in responsible attendance post responsibility system, wire mesh its responsibilities, control, and

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To meet your technical demands of filter solution by the greatest  extent.

Founded in 1995,Anping Top Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-invested joint venture and an expert in various woven wire mesh and processing of filter components .

It takes a large number of skilled people and extensive production facilities to ensure Top's high quality. Our experienced workers are capable to operate many types of looms to cover such a vast range of metals, alloys, mesh constructions and apertures in thousands of combinations. The most usual mesh constructions are square weaves, dutch weaves and reverse dutch weave, all in plain or twilled.

Top featured products include: Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Dutch Woven Wire Cloth, Copper Wire Mesh, Special Alloy Wire Mesh, Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts and processing of filter kits like wire cloth discs,filter-packs, welded tubes, cylinders etc.

In addition, Top company also custom crimped wire mesh, welded wire mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, chain link fence, insect screening, wire mesh fence and printing screen etc.

80% of our products are well sold to the USA, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Japan, Malaysia,Taiwan and other regions. And she has won the great trust of global customer by high quality wire mesh products, reasonable price, advanced equipment, excellent technology and full means of inspecition.

Top's many years in the wire weaving industry have resulted in long established and flourishing relations with customers worldwide.We wish to attract new customers by offering the best possible quality materials and services.



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