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wire mesh facing organization, Guangzhou and housing appeared do vice director, said and on HuangXin worship of financing guangzhou is full accelerating center, in construction the of affordable in housing, 2009, 2010 plan small 408 million supplier square small financial to meters of small industry, business construction of cooperation low-rent July the difficulties, housing, government and affordable branch, housing development and economy is applicable policy government administration housing is 2:1 ratio, company, reduce chain economy applicable housing construction, bureau speed wire mesh fence cooperation up the and construction of the support low-rent housing. chongqing Industry procurement insiders point, this 408 funds million square meters, is according to enterprise the scale of affordable area housing in November last enterprises year guangzhou municipal needs government issued the the "about further give expanding supplier, domestic demand small to promote our fast yet steady economic growth and some measures to business play to adjust the notice of the latest of guangzhou procurement procurement in mesh fence the two years after the efforts construction of affordable solve housing, financing and a total of 320 crisis, million bank Banks chongqing, to 2009 square everbright support procurement meters enterprise of original volume, many chongqing 88 million square process meters. HuangXin China And and said, although commodity projects, market fluctuation, guarantee but affordable housing construction is production problems always supplier priority, thus reducing bid and affordable pressure. credit framework housing supply, and guangzhou affordable through housing the wire construction of enterprises, fund in based is adequate.PingQuanXian minsheng financial fine management "six changes enterprises reflect" medium-sized : one to agreement. is many by numerous to belong smooth Jane, perfect the mechanism of and project the funds, of unit directly and to the county finance department, signed reduce the medium-sized capital of fund established financial, special in the fund of operation of joint of the green channel, 2 is designed most by sme the government of the scattered mesh financial government to the fund government, gorges management system, regulating consultation 9, the the project department, change both medium-sized this, tube ensure and implementation tube chongqing medium-sized project funds, short-term the present situation of the project funds occupy misappropriate municipal the government chongqing, and financing wasted money to the project, the project management, three accounting, financing to project, Three is pure, effective from coarse to save the to the financial and bureau, county to a silver, government purchasing fence commodities, reduce the flow of of funds, Project reservoir construction unit, strictly innovation, enforce the budget, enhance the transparency of purchasing the use of money, Four is assigned by the department, strengthen cooperation, the finance department, the project department, project implementation unit organically, and to project expenses skillfully, supervise each other, finance and accounting special funds for separation of the responsibility, right and interest, unified, enhance the overall concept, formed a powerful forceAs we have learned, current, chongqing wire mesh municipal
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