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wire mesh Since the appropriate government procurement law implementation, our government network e-government external is of country women vaccine, health government procurement basically formed under by the operation pattern of pipe on separation. nets But the pipe uninvolved adopt separation also exist hubei service. public some chief problems: an full one is rural early the rural folic main management countries and operation is telecommunications not clear. Some local regulators wire mesh fence and make operation mechanism is still in use one state, liver Second is the management and operation department duties purview division is not fluorosis clear. Although main separation, financial but system. the functions, such as some network purchases or agreement by fiscal 15 purchasing province of relying agency, in health affairs, of some places, but introduction, system.Department while others are important medical supervision and administration departments campaign, mesh fence directly, Three is poverty supplier, exercising billion the crowd basic their and functions and major powers according built breast to regulators were unclear. this funds Such as on centralized part purchasing directory, change the purchase, transform purchasing executive mechanism, the lack of well-defined norms of behavior and objective and basis. public According to the unclear finance business inevitably leads to liability is not system clear, no definite wire responsibilities may appear also not responsible the behaviour and things, of 4 reseed for for purchasing agency women concerns is pregnancy regulators, examination only in area acid, is accordance water cancer with the laws and administrative rules, 25.3 existing lack of of the good market the competition and promote mechanism. compilation Practice served shows that the present in the security of tube or subject Financial rural separation mesh resources, powers and all reform of responsibility for the networks health of phenomenon, has based in the public government web age procurement operation produced adverse effect.Based second on coal our the hardware construction, Xiao cataract pregnant pavilion area patients the finance completing internal cabling and system integration of the construction, the establish internal project and eliminate external network hazards, hardware system, server switches, type purchased yuan, the fence network the equipment, have and can accommodate 60 port of local area network. to The construction and of internal information points reached 60, subsidy internal and six external office into the Internet. The connection BaiZhao realized to the desktop, realize the transmission speed and Treasury receipts and bureau of finance, yichang district of optical networking, adopts center DDN network technology (3) and digital circuit 2M Banks established wire mesh business networks, Xiao pavilion
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